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Tiny Tiny Court
24 February 2012 @ 10:46 am
So somehow I have remained in the dark for a good month that...the Visual Boy blog is finally accessible via smartphone! Hurrah! This means that after a year and a half of being behind the times, the blog finally lets me view all the goodies inside again :3 The first thing I did? Went to see what Nagayan's been up to XD

I have a lot to get caught up on of course, but the first thing I came upon was a recently posted survey of a bunch of user-submitted questions that he and others answered. Some of his were...amusing and moving XD

Question 4. If you could become an anime character, who would you want to be?
I've already been one, so I can't think of anything more.

Question 16. What's your ideal situation for a love confession?
A setup where I can say, "Sorry, I've...kinda fallen for you."

Question 18. If you were a girl, who would you want to date?
Tamaoki-san. <--DYING XDDDD

Question 19. What's the line that's left the greatest impression on you throughout your acting career?
Zannen munen mata raishuu <--;~~~~~~~~;

Question 31. Are you do-S or do-M?
Do-S of course! <---duh XD

Question 34. Are you the type to be spoiled by your girlfriend or not?

Question 39. Describe your top 3 favorite fruits!
Mango, apple, banana, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi, peach, pear, grape <--way to count, Nagayan.
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Tiny Tiny Court
15 February 2012 @ 10:42 am
Anyone going to Haru Comic City? (March 18, 4 days before my bday! :D) I want a buddy or seven to go with! Thinking of buying the pamphlet in case anyone wants to go in on it with me :3 It's at Tokyo Big Sight so you know it's awesome 8D
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Tiny Tiny Court
10 February 2012 @ 05:34 pm
Cons: Sorry, but it really was about as boring as I expected it to be XD; I just didn't find the matches all that exciting! :|

Pros: sldkjfhsldifsdf HYOUTEI. CONTINUE BEING SO FABULOUS IN EVERY INCARNATION PLEASE. Aobe really couldn't stand in Katobe's shadow for kagami no naka no ore, but he kind of made up for that by showing up in a bathtub shaving his fabulous legs XDDDD

Also also also Dirty Pair fanservice *____* They kept in the adlibbing where a Hyoutei member comes to Sasaki with a problem every time, and last night Gakuto came to complain about Oshitari never hanging out with him anymore XD He then went on to explain how he got back at him--doing things like drawing a 肉 kanji on his forehead while he was sleeping or blacking out his glasses and watching as Oshitari ran around screaming, "GAKUTO! I'M BLIND!" Oshitari apparently got back at him by pasting a sign onto Gakuto's back that said, "I'm an Idiot", and Gakuto, pissed at this, decided to get revenge by telling the club how he saw Oshitari at a cat cafe the previous weekend XD

hnnnngggggg I love those two so MUCH.

New songs:
New theme song for Seigaku ofc
Awesome flashback song for Seigaku vs. Hyoutei
Tomorrow for You and I (putting it as a 'new song' because it wasn't in the original version of course) -- I wonder if this will be an all-the-time thing now? I'm still kinda meh on the song itself, but they blended it with Jumping Up, and THAT sounded awesome then!

Songs they kept:
Try Again (or some variation thereon--it wasn't the main song like originally, but it was there!)
Remember Hyoutei
Kagami no Naka no Ore
Onna no Ko to Chuu
(possibly the Davide+Bane song? It sounded slightly familiar, but I'm not sure if it was all the same or only partially)
Power is the Best XDDDDD
Ummm Rokkaku's theme song, whose name I've forgotten! <--holy shit did I like the dance though XD I don't remember it being so uh full of hip action 8D
Acrobatics and Genius was definitely in there to some degree--but it MAY have been combined partly with a new song? When it came up I didn't really recognize it at first til it got to the chorus.

There were probably more buuuuut I've forgotten XD Hit me up in the comments if you're curious as to whether or not a song was saved.
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Tiny Tiny Court
09 February 2012 @ 01:35 pm
It's finally time for the Tokyo Return shows! I missed seeing it the first time around because opening night was my flight back to the US for Christmas, but it's finally back in Tokyo and I'm off to see it tonight. I don't think I ever even watched it the whole way through during the first season, so it'll be nice having everything be really new, but...the REASON I didn't watch it really was because I don't care about Rokkaku XD;;; legit only going for GP and Hyoutei :3

My washer-dryer is getting delivered in a week though! Crossing my fingers the installation goes smoothly, cause dnw to have to figure out what hose I need to buy to get everything working correctly :| I need to do as much laundry as possible before this Saturday though, just in case, as that's when my current washer (crappy rental one) is being removed. Wish me luck XD; Also need to clean my room like a madwoman...

This weekend is the No.6 doujinshi event 'Project 6' and I'm stoked XD I also need to use the time to organize my doujinshi and get rid of ones I don't need. I think I'm going to just go with a "PLEASE TAKE THESE OFF MY HANDS" approach and sell them in bulk for shipping + a little extra to cover the effort, because I really need to get rid of them XD; But I do want them to go to people who can't get them easily over here, so I'm avoiding taking a suitcase to Kbooks or something. Ah the life of a fangirl.
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Tiny Tiny Court
01 February 2012 @ 01:30 pm
Sooo I'm on here, posting for the first time in, like, weeks, because tumblr is down, and apparently that's where all my life is right now XD;

Relatively little has really happened, but I did make a humongoid purchase in a new washer and dryer set, which is...not here yet XD and probably won't be for a couple more weeks at least but hnnngggg I WANT IT NOW. Fluffy warm clothes, come to me ;~;

My mother and grandmother are coming to visit me here in May, and already I'm looking around my room thinking NOT how I'll need to scrub it stem to stern when they come, but rather, "fuuuuck how am I gonna hide all my boyporn :|" Priorities, I have them.

Speaking of boyporn, our group is a scanlating machine! According to mangaupdates we're releasing once every 1.8 days right now XD; amyused is a scanning goddess, and the rest of us are simple slaves cleaning and translating and editing all the time :| Labor of love this is, verily so.

I'm sorely feeling the loss of Megaupload still and really am...just kinda pissed it came to this :P I'm also wondering how to go about shutting down my tracker (and reminding myself I need to make an announcement and set a deadline), so there's that. Everything just kind of feels like a matter of time :/ Blargh.

Theatre scene has been quiet lately--not so much for my lack of interest but because there's just nothing interesting that any of my guys are appearing in. I've got a ticket to TeniMyu next week, then Shounen Hollywood in March, and that's it :/ Everyone's doing either dramas or stuff with no one I've ever heard of, and I need at least a few guys to go see something! I miss having a play every week dammit :(

In other news, it's cold everywhere. In the office, at home, on the trains. I love winter--but only if I get to be inside and warm and cozy while it happens :P However, I recently discovered I have all the ingredients for black-eyed-peas and sweet cornbread and have made this delicious meal twice now, YUM!
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Tiny Tiny Court
10 January 2012 @ 05:38 pm



For the first time in YEARS, the Husband will finally be celebrating Daiki's birthday with him~ :3 About FUCKING TIME.

Naturally, I quickly jumped on Lawsons and snatched a ticket XD SO HAPPY!
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Tiny Tiny Court
08 January 2012 @ 12:41 am
Wifi on board an aircraft is swell XD headed to Chicago now where I'll change planes to Narita! Psyched to be back in Japan, I've missed my home away from home!

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Tiny Tiny Court
31 December 2011 @ 12:36 pm
Just a few hours to go...Collapse )
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Tiny Tiny Court
25 December 2011 @ 03:25 pm

All from volume 4 of No. 6, which I'm almost done with:

//"Nezumi, there are many things I don't know, but one thing I understand fully well...is just how much the thought of losing you terrifies me. I'm actually probably scared of losing you...more than anyone else in the world. It frightens me--and I can't stand it. I just--feel like I have to make sure that you won't suddenly disappear on me. You can make fun of me for it, or look down on me--but these are my true feelings."

It was a straightforward, simple declaration of his love. Without you with me, I can't go on living.//

My thoughts: This is Shion's speech to Nezumi just after they finish dancing, when Nezumi has a silent panic attack about how Shion could probably kill him before he blinked and Nezumi wouldn't even notice. I just love how Shion has no problem with being so straightforward and telling Nezumi exactly how he feels. While I know that No.6 isn't BL, I can't help comparing it to BL relationships and finding their so so much more refreshing just because BL is so full of people who can't open up, and Shion just has no interest in keeping his feelings hidden, even if he doesn't know what they mean (which never seems to be a problem, as Nezumi has no trouble deciphering them).

//Shion wondered how Safu was doing--he hoped she wasn't freezing, or starving perhaps.

I love you, Shion--more than anyone else.

He hadn't been able to return the girl's feelings; and he probably would never be able to. He couldn't love her--not in the way she wanted to be loved. But...there were other ways to show he cared.//

My thoughts: ...I don't hate Safu at all, but bits like this that go out of their way to remind the reader that no, Shion has absolutely no romantic feelings for Safu, make me stupidly satisfied :P I find myself wonder what might have happened, if the bees and all didn't exist and Safu was allowed to come back as she'd planned two years later to find Shion--would he remember what he'd promised, and would he go through with it? Would he have tried to fall in love with her and forget any strange memories he had of Nezumi (assuming he never showed up again)? Would they have gotten married and lived their lives more or less happily, even if Shion wasn't in love with her? How big an effect did his living with Nezumi have on his feelings for Safu (did being able to be with Nezumi and realizing his feelings for him help Shion realize that he was never going to be able to feel like that for her?)

//Nezumi's fingers dug into his arm. "Don't make any false moves."

Shion stared into his eyes, then placed his own fingers over those that gripped his bicep--not to steady himself or hold himself up, but just to confirm.

This is my heart. As a human being--I've had my heart stolen away by him and chosen to stay by his side. No matter what this feeling may be called--it does nothing to change the fact that I'm a human being.

I won't throw away my feelings for someone, even within such an inhuman reality, but will continue to hold on to my humanity. That in and of itself makes the man.

Shion gripped Nezumi's fingers tightly.

Nezumi, I want to stay human.//

My thoughts: My face while reading this whole segment: *___________________* ;________________;

Just the whole part about 彼に心を奪われ、彼の傍らにいることを望んだ KILLS ME. I wish we got to see even more into Shion's mind during this whole chapter--because while we get to see some of Nezumi's, I find myself wondering so much how Shion must feel to know that he'll always be afraid of losing Nezumi, that he can't go on living without him, that Nezumi's taken his heart and won't give it back hnnnngggg. Also, while it seems like such a simple thing, the way Shion puts his hand over Nezumi's for his own comfort and squeezes his fingers...god. GOD. THESE TWO.

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Tiny Tiny Court
17 December 2011 @ 07:14 am
brb America again.
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